Exhibition in Moscow

June 2, 2021

Hello, everyone!

From 28 May to 10 June my solo exhibition “Easy Presence” is open to visitors at the gallery of Modern Art ‘Together’.

At the exhibition, I present my paintings of recent years.

Half of them belong to the “Blueberry ” series – this subtle-colored collection is dedicated to my grandmother Valentina. I compiled the series based on light cool shades of blueberry, forget-me-nots and smoky wormwood, as a reflection of the light perception of life, which radiant people communicate.

When a radiant person leaves our life, space for memories stays behind. The rest of the exhibition is a collection of my recent artworks, reflecting my states found in distant and nearby trips, meetings and quiet morning breakfasts – the things that add lightness to this world… and maybe a little bit of puerility.

Venue: 8, building 1, Povarskaya St., Moscow.

The entrance is from Khlebny Lane.

Floor hours: Tuesday to Friday 12.00-21.00, Saturday and Sunday 14.00-20.00. Monday is a day off.

I’m going to be at the exhibition on 3 June and 6 June from 15.00 to 20.00.

I’m also available there on 9 June from 17.00 – on that day I’m demonstrating the painting process from 18.00 to 19.00.

On other days, except Monday, the exhibition is also open. You are welcome!

See you soon!

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