Old eucalyptus and spring

September 14, 2020

I usually have a lot of plants on my windowsill. They are drying beautifully in vases and then lasting well for a long time until something new appears. I love eucalyptus. Leaf rhythm, fragrance, color which can change from dust-green to silver – I like everything in this plant.

Old eucalyptus and spring 70х70, 2020

The last month in my old studio was special – I painted a lot of things connected to windowsill and light, which, reflecting from water tower behind the window, flooded the space with warm reflexes.

The May of 2020 was the time, when it was hard to get to the forest because of lockdown. There were striped tapes blocking the way to the forest and constant patrolling. But it was spring time and I didn’t want to miss unfolding buds.

Feeling like an intruder, I entered the forest to get some fresh branches. And then for nearly two weeks I watched how the willow buds were blooming in my kitchen. I missed the forest and walks, like everyone else did, and all I could do was to paint the lemon-yellow accents of spring leaves against the background of the city’s warm light.

The beginning of the painting

This is how two parts of this painting are put together thanks to the powerful combination of reflexes, objects and light.

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