My book “Pastel”

May 16, 2020

At the end of April 2020 on top of frenetic exhibition activities was added much-anticipated publishing of my first book. In all this pandemic fuss it appeared unexpectedly and I found out about it by chance from my followers .

The appearance of my book seemed to be a miracle in this new upside down world.

Let me introduce the book about my favorite material – “Pastel”

The book came out in the publishing house EKSMO, nonfiction department – Bombora.

The book has two versions: paper and digitized. The paper one is for those who like reading meditatively and enjoy touching the real paper pages – it is a beautiful coffee-table book.

Online format is also good because of quick access.

I love paper books very much. Some of them, being at hand in the right moment, presented me the new look on usual things and sometimes showed ways out of creative blocks.

The right book in the right time is invaluable support.

The book contains material of my long-time practice: step-by-step paintings, plain air with students, and many other useful things.

I did my best to collect extended information about pastel, experiments with mixed media, inspiration, color and everything which has been my occupation for over 20 years.

I hope my book will encourage you to look for your own artistic way.

You can order the book on Ozon, Book 24, Litres.

I’ll appreciate it if you give me your feedback.

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